VIP Coaching Day


A VIP Coaching Day is a great option for business owners who want to get the plan for their business, tailored to their specific goals and desires, in ONE day, not 4-6 months.


Whether your business is still in the idea stage, you have already launched or have been in business for several years, our VIP Coaching Day package gives you the personalized attention you deserve. We spend 100% of the day focused on YOU and YOUR business. We tailor your experience to what you’d like to learn and accomplish for your business year ahead.


The day is fun and intense as we guide you to identify the biggest challenge that is preventing you from going to the next level, and the biggest opportunity that will leverage your unique situation so you can achieve your goals and dreams.  Not only do we clarify which ideas are best for you, but we will show you step-by-step how to implement them right away, because what good is an idea without a plan? 

VIP Coaching Day Benefits

When we spend the day together strategizing growth and development for you and your business, you can expect these life and business changing benefits:

Clarity: You’ll know exactly what to do next


There’s no better feeling in business than knowing exactly what you need to do next. Better yet, knowing exactly which steps to take, and in what order, to give you the biggest results with the least amount of effort. This means no more guessing, no more trying things blindly, and no more confusion.


Focus: Walk away with an actionable growth plan designed for YOU


There are many consultants out there that simply give you a cut-and-paste plan that worked in their particular situation and their particular industry, but those rubber-stamp plans will rarely work out for you.  You need a 100% customized plan adapted to you, your market, and how you want to design your life.  During our session we will have an ear listening to what you want in your life and business, and another listening to what your market will pay for. The strategies and plans we map out with you will be the perfect marriage of what you love and what will make you money.


Freedom: Time saving strategies so you’re able to experience more of your life with friends and family


Want more time with your family? We help you with simple time management strategies that will all you to structure your time better so you’re free to experience life beyond your business.


Positioning:  Complete analysis of your list and website.    


Together we will review the layout and content of your website to maximize its effectiveness, drive traffic to your website, build your list and convert it to paying clients, leverage up-sells, set up and manage e-commerce and much more.


Purpose: Discover how to make a living doing what you love


We are committed to helping you identify your “WHY”. This is the heart of your business and will keep your marketing message focused and clear.


We will help you identify which products and/or services make your heart sing while being exactly what your ideal clients and customers want. During your VIP Day you’ll see which offerings allow you and your business to thrive. 


Profits: Shortcut strategies to maximize income from your products and services


We will help you get out of your own way and see your products and services from the point of view of how your market sees what you offer. This is huge. Without this perspective, you might get trapped creating products and programs you THINK will sell, but end up being flops.

We will customize your VIP Day to focus on those moneymaking strategies that will work best for you with the least amount of effort. We will create simple, but highly leveraged marketing strategies.

Is a VIP Coaching Day Right For You?


A VIP Coaching Day isn't perfect for everyone.  It is ideal for the serious minded entrepreneur who is ready for the next phase of business growth and development.


This level of one-on-one coaching is for those who…


  • Know what they want to achieve

  • Are willing to work on their mindset

  • Are open up to ideas that can and WILL get them to that achievement

  • Are committed to moving forward in their business

  • And have the desire to make it happen!

Getting Started


In order to get started and to make sure we are the right fit to develop your business growth strategy together, we need to learn more about you and your business. Please complete the VIP Coaching Day application.  Please answer the questions candidly and honestly. Answering the questions with what you think we expect to hear may further delay your results.


Upon approval of your application, we will contact you to schedule your VIP Coaching Day.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Apply For Your 

VIP Coaching

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To be considered for a VIP Coaching Day, you are required to complete a short application. We will review the application to make sure the VIP Day is a good fit for you now.